Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chocolate Covered Cantelopes

reading a BOOK! BOOK! (Claudia's new favorite word)
Although she's read it a dozen times (today), the ending...
... is still a pleasant surprise! "oooh!" she says. =)
Me and Claudia with Rene and Kyle
These Hawaiians made us two look pretty pale tonight.
Russell was practically glowing when he stood next to them. =)
Me and Bop with cousin Michele.
We were getting pretty close to bedtime at this point.
Ok, Staci does the most creative desserts.
chocolate & peanut butter cupcakes, garnished with Reeces cups
So pretty! Well done, Staci!

Here are some pics from dinner this evening over at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matthew's house. As we drove to their house, which is one block and one street over, I felt a little sad because in Budapest we won't have relatives living down the street. We'll have Hungarians living down the street and lots of them. Hopefully we make friends fast. So, while we still can, we enjoyed the company of Aunt Debbie, Uncle Matthew and my wonderful cousins, Kyle, Mandi, Michele & Staci and all their significant others.
Tonight was extra special because my dear cousin Kyle is visiting from Hawaii. He brought his longtime girlfriend Rene this time. Claudia made a new friend. =) Rene is very good with babies. It was past Claudia's bedtime and Rene managed to make her smile and laugh. Of course, it helped that she gave the Bop some chocolate cupcake. Claudia loves chocolate. Chocolate and cantelopes. That's what she had for dinner tonight. That's what she wanted and that's what we gave her. We'll eat extra nutriously tomorrow to compensate.

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