Friday, July 30, 2010

Miss Manners

dinner conversation with Uncle Matthew
quick exchange with enchanting little 8 month old, "Eduard" next door
He looks like an Eduard, at least

Tonight we enjoyed dinner with my Uncle Matthew and Aunt Debbie. We went to an old stand-by, El Tiempo, where people get loud and men walk around strummin' guitars. It drowns out restless baby noises. Which is nice. No anxiety over whether Claudia is going to have a meltdown or act up, because (1) the place is filled with other babies, so no one can really point a finger and (2) even if she does start hollering, you can't hear it over the restaurant's hum. We are celebrating my Uncle Matthew's return to health following cancer treatment. It is cause to celebrate and be very thankful! Here are some cell phone pics from this evening.


  1. Can BOP help Jackson out with the manners thing???

  2. do you have issues with getting her to stay in her highchair at restaurants? o just climbs right out and i'm at a loss on what to do!!

  3. We've had lots of miserable experiences at restaurants... where she screams and tries to climb out of the chair and I want to crawl in a hole. I'll just take her out and sit her in my lap or walk around the restaurant with her. My theory - they just get so excited about being out and and about that they want to get a better look at everything. =)

  4. oh my goodness your little girl is beyond precious! JUST discovered your blog and am so excited! I know you read mine so I'm glad I can read yours too


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