Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Messy Eaters

dinner time, ladies
menu: smashed strawberries, pulverized avocado,
fresh squeezed oranges and hand squished sandwiches
bath time!
splish splash!

Claudia is definitely getting the hang of feeding herself. If you cut the pieces small enough, she'll take care of the rest. It's not a pretty sight, but she gets the job done. Here are some dinner and cleanup pics from our play date with Audrey. After the girls rubbed their dinners all over their faces, we plunked them both in the tub to get cleaned up for bed. When we left, I noticed little Audrey stood in the window and watched us until we rolled out of the driveway. Claudia started crying when we got in the car. These little gals are definitely going to miss each other when we move. Good thing we'll be back to visit in December!

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