Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Grocery Cart Ever

the start... sitting quietly with Lamb Chop
stopping to say hello to the kind Kroger greeter
hands at 10 and 2. check.
observing the speed limit. check.
now. let's all go nuts!
Claudia enjoying a snack with Gram and Oatmeal

We had a relaxing weekend of shopping (grocery store & Doodles - act now, all smocked dresses are 50 - 75% off!) and visiting with Gram and Grandpa. I had to post some pics of this hilarious grocery cart Claudia rode around in. They have an entire fleet of them at the new Krogers in the Heights. Its a car attached to the front of the cart & you can program it to play one of three cartoons. It was awesome... until it wasn't. Claudia had a little meltdown about 5 items short of check out & we had to evacuate. It was certainly fun while it lasted though. So, if you are in the neighborhood, I highly recommend you take one for a test drive. Very nice.


  1. pimpen' in the grocery buggy!! i want more details about budapest!

  2. Our Kroger's definitely doesn't have those buggies! I wish we did though!


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