Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To the Beach!

beach babe
Daddy & Bop
beach combing
Paul the Octopus! hehe, get it? from the World Cup
Surprisingly, she keeps on the shades
making a run for the ocean
Claudia in her crab floatie
Jellyfish v. Meryl: 1 - 0...
now I watch my step

Greetings from the beach! Russell is watching the ESPYs (zzz - except for the Saints super bowl highlights), so I am blogging about the trip. We have thoroughly enjoyed introducing Claudia to the ocean... except for the jellyfish. Galveston is lousy with jellyfish. As soon as we step out on the pier, Claudia squirms out of my arms and takes off running to the beach. She loves to squish her hands in the wet sand and to knock down sand castles (mostly her own, rarely a stranger's). She likes to watch Russell & I run into the waves and she will even brave a small wave or two herself ... she maintains a death grip around our necks when a wave comes. =) The mornings are really windy, so we invested in a nice kite... a ladybug kite to be specific! Although the beaches are not sandy white and the water is clear as mud... at least there are no tar balls! More pics to come, these are all from my cell phone.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a blast - sorry about the jellyfish, hope no one was stung.

  2. how is galveston? i've never been but considered it now with the oil... doesn't look busy! and cute swimsuits on claudia by the way!

  3. Aside from the jellyfish... we are having a blast! We are staying at the far west side of Galveston... its actually a little beach community outside of Galveston, called Pointe West. Its secluded...I really like it!


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