Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean

before the bath, Daddy & Claudia do funny faces in the mirror
then Claudia makes funny faces in the tub
she loves on her boats and ducks
... then loves on Mommy. I love you Bop.

Claudia plays super hard all day, gets real messy, and consequently, requires a thorough scrubbing before bed. We end the day by getting her all suds up. She plays with her favorite bath time friends, her three ducks and her three boats. She carefully lines up the three ducks on the edge of the tub, squawks "DUK! DUK!", and then flicks them back in the tub. We listen to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music... and Daddy sings all the hits. After bath time we chase the naked baby around the nursery until we can wrangle her into a diaper and jammies. The last ritual of the night is the bedtime story, always read by Daddy. Night night, Claudia!


  1. We have the same nightly rituals! funny to know little girls get as messy as little boys. We have our hands full at bath time, too!

  2. I can imagine! Love bath, story & bedtime. Its probably our favorite part of the day.


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