Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back from the Beach

Out of my way.
I'm going to the beach.
Mommy & Bop
pulling Daddy out to the waves
going swimming
Chowing on some apple sauce, pool side
Daddy & Bop at Pointe West
Pointe West Beach House... really pretty place & awesome pool
... and then they had THIS posted on one of the doors.
Something about alligator mating season &
helpful hints on how to avoid the alligators that roam the grounds.
historic Galveston... very cute.
the old school ice cream parlour... beautiful
don't let this face fool you.
She loved the stuff.
the candy store in the parlour.
In my excitement, I sideswiped a display case and broke a lollipop.
poor Galveston was hard hit during Ike.
The subjects of my pic were pretty tired of my photo shoot by this point.
me and my Bop
new discovery... Bop LOVES watermelon
even the rind
Daddy flying the ladybug kite
Claudia having a blast at the aquarium. =)
Daddy hoisting the Bop for a view of the sharkies
Daddy and Bop
Daddy doing what it takes to make Claudia (& Mommy) smile. =)
I bought a grab bag of shells from Murdocks and hid them on the beach for Claudia to find.
Here she is hoarding one of her exquisite discoveries
This was a baby conch from Murdoch's shell grab bag.
the view from our balcony
that pesky garbage can wound up in the background of half of my beach pics.
Cursed receptacle.
Grandpa's kite. What a beaut!
Claudia trying her hand at kite flying .
(those are mosquito bites you see... they swarmed in the last day)
Claudia running the shore.
Sorry Gram, didn't mean to cut your head off. =)
It's just not a McLendon family photo if we're not all sweating buckets.
An attempt to get a pic with the Grands.
Claudia kept grabbing their hair,
so this is the best we got.
That's all folks!

Today we returned from the beach. This vacation ended like most, everyone feeling refreshed and thankful for the break, but ready to get back home. It doesn't matter where you go, nothing compares to sleeping in your own bed. We rented a lovely beach condo in Pointe West, which is about a half an hour west of Galveston. It's a secluded little beach community and we loved it! The short drive from Houston was definitely the key. You see, Claudia has carseatitis and its very painful for her and other passengers on long drives. =)

We had all sorts of adventures, including a trip to the historic area of Galveston, where we did some souvenir shopping and went to an old fashioned ice cream parlour and candy shop. It looked like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting and I could have stayed there all day. The place had the best central AC system ever. We even let Claudia have a little ice cream, which she loved. One day we meandered over to the Moody Gardens Aquarium. If you don't already know, Russell has a fondness for penguins. He and Claudia were bowled over by the penguin exhibit. I preferred the sharks and giant sea turtles.

The rest of the trip was spent playing in the sand, splashing in the waves and floating in the pool. Gram and Grandpa also came to visit and we all played with some beautiful kites. The kites were probably intended for Claudia's enjoyment, but the grownups involved probably had the most fun. In sum, it was a great vacation... but we are happy to be home!


  1. What a cute little family! It looks like yall had tons of fun! I hope you're doing well!

  2. Y'all looked like y'all had a blast! We haven't brought Garrett to the beach yet..but it's on our list to do!

  3. Thanks, Bonnie. I cant wait for Boston's arrival!

    Yitin, you will have so much fun watching Garrett experience the beach. In light of the BP spill, I recommend Pointe West. Plus, it's so close to Houston. That always helpls. =)

  4. It looks like a wonderful trip! I'm so glad ya'll didn't come back disguised as lobsters! Wish we could have come visit!

  5. We slathered ourselves with SPF 50 at all times. =)

  6. Claudia is so cute in her swimsuits! I can't wait to take Olivia to the beach. And watermelon is one of Olivia's favorites, especially when it is ice cold!

  7. Ava, Claudia ate 3 giant hunks of watermelon - it was crazy. I guess they like the squashy texture.


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