Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just the Two of Us This Weekend

Lois is the most popular girl in Houston these days.
Zac is her horticulturist.
Isn't she pretty?
Russell... preparing to lay waste the children, er I mean, competition.
This guy lives downtown and I really enjoy him.
Show time!
We had great seats. I snapped this as the show started.
The best part of the weekend...
seeing this happy little girl.
Oh Claudia...

I'll start by saying "THANKS!" to Mom and Vernon for taking care of the Bop this weekend. It was really nice for Russell & I to have a weekend to do whatever we liked and know that Claudia was in good hands and having a blast in her own right. So what did Russell & I do you ask? What didn't we do?!

First on Saturday we lunched at Houston's BRC (Big Red Cock) where I enhaled the best (and only) snicker beignets I've ever had. We then proceeded to Houston Grand Prix where we dominated the go kart track. Those twerpy little ten year olds didn't have a chance. We ate them for breakfast! And (sadly) we have no shame about it. None.

Saturday night... dinner (at Voice ... mmm... ) and a show. Every year Houston's Alley Theater presents Summer Chills, always a thriller. This year it was Agatha Christie's The Mouse Trap. I highly recommend you catch it before the summer is over. We have a ticket discount code if you'd like it! As for Voice, it was also delish & they employ the sweetest pastry chef ever - Audrey. Check her work out as well! Late last night (about 11:30 pm), we attempted to visit Lois, the Corpse Flower, who is very rare and is in full bloom & stink at the Museum of Natural Sciences. The diva had a three hour wait time... that's right, they told us we'd have to wait until 2:15 AM to have 5 minutes with her. Ridiculous. We went home and checked her out on her webcam. FYI, she also has a website, facebook and twitter account. Diva! You can check out one of those if you have been under a rock and are unfamiliar with her peculiar allure. =)

On Sunday we went to a matinee - Inception. Two and a half hours later, I couldn't tell you what the movie was about, but I found it visually stimulating. The best part of the weekend, however, was when we picked up Claudia. She ran into my arms and gave me a bear hug around the neck. I melted. So, thanks again, Mom and Vernon, for taking such good care of our baby girl.


  1. Carick and I also had a kid free weekend. We went to two movies and Inception was one of them. Totally weird!

  2. yes, please! share which slow cooker cookbooks are best!

    glad y'all had a great weekend!


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