Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rachie & Brooksie

Rachie & Brooksie with the Bop
Cheers to old friends!
Cheers to the newly engaged!
Brooksie hoists the Bop
Daddyboy & Brooksie playing a little Wii tennis
Here is the super cute dress Rachie got Bop in Mexico
CC's gone strapless! Daddy's beside himself.
One last pic from the Fourth
CC made this Uncle Sam hat at Creme!
She really liked it & so did I

So this past weekend my very dear friend Rachel came down from Chicago to visit. Rachel, or "Rachie" as we all call her, is one of the kindest and tallest people I know. She fills my heart with laughter. She reads the McBlog, so I promised I dedicate a post to her. Here it is! These are just some of the pics from the fun filled weekend we had. Rachel is newly engaged to Ryan, or as we call him, "Brooksie." I took Rachie & Brooksie to the St. Arnold's brewery, where we had lots of fun. We also went to the Freedom over Texas shindig downtown. Also fun. I am already missing them, but can't wait for the wedding! Now we just have to figure out whether it will be in Chicago or New Orleans. Decisions, decisions!


  1. I haven't seen Rachel in forever! She looks EXACTLY the same. I'm jealous, although I don't know why. 10 years ago was not kind to me!

  2. Ha! You looked fantastic 10 years ago and today! You're right though - Rachel has not changed a bit! Tall & beautiful as ever!


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