Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Veni, Vidi, Vici, Venice

Here's the last of summer vacation.  Venice.  Let me start by saying that Venice... Venice is not kid friendly. Nope, nope, nope.  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  But I loved it more when Russell & I went there four years ago without the kiddos.  People don't live and raise families in Venice anymore because it's too expensive and inconvenient.  It's strictly a tourist town.  You can't get around with a stroller because of the canals and it's almost impossible to track down a package of diapers.  And if you do, be prepared to turn over your first born to pay for those diapers. 
That said, it's beautiful.  It's a city like no other in the world.  It is upbeat.  It's romantic.  And despite not being very kid-friendly, the folks in the restaurants, the hotels, the water taxis and gondolas are very friendly with the children.  And that almost makes up for the utter lack of diapers.  Almost.   
Claudia found a broom in a courtyard and proceeded to sweep the courtyard clean for thirty minutes.  Perfect opportunity for a coffee break!  We might just start packing a broom with us on all our travels. 
My favorite moments... speeding up and down the Grand Canal in the water taxis.  I don't think I will ever get used to the idea that this crazy city is underwater.  The streets are made of water.  The streets.  are made. of water!   Even the UPS guy makes his deliveries out of a gondola.

We ate our weight in gelato.  We ate so much gelato we got brain freeze.  We ate so much gelato it made some of us just pass out.  The pizza was decent as well.

There were many a close call where Claudia almost fell into a canal.

We got some culturing in at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.   Here I am being really classy next to the "Baby Poo" statue, pretending it is Paddy's poo.  Ryan Reynolds ("some B list actor", quote Russell) was standing behind Russell while we took this gem.  I'm fairly certain he didn't appreciate our hijinks.  I say let Ryan Reynolds have a baby that keeps him awake all night and delirious all day.  It might just realign his perception of what is and is not funny.  Besides, I'm well rested now and I still think it's hilarious. 

Claudia's favorite thing... chasing those pigeons in St. Mark's Square.  

It's hard to tell what Paddy's favorite part was... maybe it was the napping.  Maybe it was the eating of the mush.  But I suspect it was riding through the canals in the water taxis. 

I got giddy everytime I heard someone hollering "GONDOLA, GONDOLA, GONDOLA!" at me.  I think the gondola ride was Russell's and my favorite thing.  All too soon it was time to go home.  Venice this go-round felt like quite an accomplishment with the kids.  It wasn't easy, but it sure was beautiful! 


  1. LOVE! So you saw Ryan Reynolds?!?! I thought for sure he would have a personality. Your Claudia sure is a pretty girl. Such a good momma teaching her how to clean at such a young age:).

  2. Wow Venice is so coo....Ryan Reynolds! Was he with his lurvly wife? Can I say again how envious I am of you and your family's world traveling :)

  3. How fun! CC looks like she had a blast!! Venice looks beautiful!!

  4. My hubs and I just moved to the Frankfurt area and planned our own trip to Venice soon! Your post reminded me how wonderful Venice is and got me even more excited to be there.



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