Monday, October 8, 2012

Eight is GREAT!

Last week Patrick Wallace rounded the corner of MONTH EIGHT!   Aside from some routine teething and a week long cold, it was a month of ups!   Patrick is officially sleeping through the night.  But this you know.  But guess what else...  Paddy is pulling up!  He's rocking on his hands and knees!  He's babbling!  He's dragging his little self back and forth across the floor!   He's eating us out of house and home!   It's so exciting to see Paddy developing and to see his happy, smiling face light up as he discovers something new about this world around him.   Here's some pics from this past month. 

Down goes Paddy!  Paddy goes down! 
I don't expect much cooperation for these next few monthly pictures. 

Paddy has SEVEN teeth!   He chews on everything, but paper products (particularly this Nutshell Library bookcase) are his go-to teethers.   He also has a thing for electrical chords, so we're about to step up the childproofing measures around here.

The exersaucer is still a favorite, but now he jumps wildly in it, to the point I think he is about to break it.  So far, so good, though.  So we just let him do his thing.
You'd think he would want to jump in this thing, called the Jumperoo, but he pretty much just likes to crawl underneath it and slap those green support thingies.  He pretty much likes to slap and hit all his toys, though. 

Here is Paddy's girlfriend, Ilse.  She moved to America today and Paddy and I are both crying over this one. 

Paddy is slowly starting to get more into reading.  Unlike Claudia, who, from the time of birth, could sit and read all day, Patrick gets really fidgety and starts slapping and ripping pages out of the books.  He is less angered by Suess books, so we stick with those. 

And here's a funny little story to wrap this up. Patrick wants to eat whatever we are eating.  The family took an outing for ice cream yesterday and Patrick just about went nuts when we wouldn't give him any. I held my cone pretty far out so he couldn't reach it. So my sweet Patrick leaned over, grabbed my arm and bit it! This is pretty out of character for Paddy, who is pretty much the most passive baby I've come across. I suspect we will be introducing the finger foods a little bit early with him.   Don't worry, Paddy, no hard feelings, buddy! 



  1. Such a cute post. I lol'ed a few times, per usual with your posts!

  2. Cute! love that cars onesie. He and Logan share a love of paper and electrical cords!

  3. What a sweet boy! He is just adorable Meryl!!


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