Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nagycirkusz! Nagycirkusz! (Circus! Circus!)

Daddy and I took Bop to the Budapest Circus (Nagycirkusz!)
Once seated, Daddy told Bop "[y]ou're in for a treat!"
Claudia exclaimed "[r]eady! Ready! Come on!"
Then the parade of performers rolled out...
We loved them all.. the jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists and horseback ballerinas...
But Claudia wanted to see something big...
... and something big she did see.
Harvey, as I call him, entered the arena with grace.
A gentle giant.
I thought, ok, well that's impressive.
But surely they're not going to make Harvey stand on that cylinder thingy.
... and if he is going to stand on that cylinder thingy,
surely that little girl, who can't be more than 6, isn't going to dangle from his tusks.
Or, maybe he is going to balance on that cylinder thingy...
And maybe that child is going to dangle from his tusks...
Doing the splits no less.
Eventually, Havey decided he had had enough.
He ate every last one of them.
I managed to catch that lady's leg just before her gobbled her up.
Serves her right, poking poor Harvey with that stiletto healed boot of hers.
... and we all smiled.
The end.

This past weekend we took Claudia to the Budapest circus in City Park. It's a permanent circus that has been operating in Budapest since the end of the eighteenth century. What it lacks in size, it makes up for suspected animal abuse and blatant child labor violations. I tease, I tease. It was all very humane, from what I saw. Most importantly, Claudia enjoyed all the acrobats, jugglers and animals. We didn't have the greatest seats, but because the arena is fairly small, you are very close to the performers. Claudia was getting a little fussy at intermission (or "half time", as I kept calling it), so we called it a day. She really enjoyed the show, so I suspect we may go back for the second act soon.


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