Monday, January 31, 2011

Sledding. In our Yard. In a Radio Flyer.

After much dilly-dallying on the patio, I got Claudia onto the sled.
I have to point out that this entire outfit came from Old Navy.
They make the cutest winter clothes for toddlers.
She liked the sled for about five seconds.

We've gotten more use of the Radio Flyer in the snow than on the pavement.
Her mood was lifted once Daddy started dragging her around the yard.
I think he was exhausted by the end of our snow day,
but he never complained. Look... thumbs up!
Mom, thanks for my boots. They are perfect!
Someone is ready for more snow.

We returned to find Budapest exactly how we left it: covered in snow and below freezing... the ideal conditions for sledding...or "sledging" as they say here. We thought about going to Normafa, the big skiing and sledding hills on the outskirts of Buda, but opted for the hills in our front yard. It eventually warmed up and the snow started to melt, but we still have a nice coating. Claudia thoroughly enjoyed sledding in her wagon. We'll see if we can get her to cozy up to her sled.


  1. Sooooo cute! I guess we'll have to check put Old Navy. Cute!!!

  2. Super cute outfit! We'll have to try the snow wagon technique - maybe Cade will go for that. Thanks for the play date - we had fun!

  3. Thanks, Suzanne! Carey, bring Cade back over & I'll give him his own sledding ride in the yard!

  4. Claudia is a fashionista, seriously!! Too cute! And love that you're always behind the camera, so you shot your boots from above--the life of mommy! :) Looks fun, but I'll take the warmer temps myself, however the low tonight is 53 and the low tomorrow night--17-yep! Ahh, southern winters! Glad y'all got back home safe!

  5. Deni - I can't believe the temp is dropping like that!! Keep yourself indoors! I have no doubt that Cala Faye will be a little fashionista as well. =)


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