Thursday, February 17, 2011

Claudia's First Parent-Teacher Conference

Initially I thought a parent-teacher conference for a twenty-two month old sounded a little silly. I had a feeling this would be some kind of sit down where they told me that Claudia might be eating too much paste or hurling too much mud on the playground. I was pleasantly surprised. I should start this by saying how much I love Claudia's school. There are children from all over the world that are all assimilated into English speaking classes and the children learn all about each other's cultures. It's a fascinating experience and I'm glad we could get Claudia into the school.

Now, let me tell you about the conference. It was led by Claudia's favorite teacher, Miss Reka. Miss Reka is amazing with children, particularly Claudia. At the conference, Miss Reka gave me a portfolio on Claudia. It had her art
work, pictures of Claudia at school and little progress reports about Claudia. They continue to add to the portfolio, so unfortunately, I have to give it back. I wanted to record and share some of the more entertaining excerpts. I think these pictures (of workout Claudia!) go nicely with the quotes. Here goes...

Quote: Claudia is independent; when she falls down she can stand up by herself.
She is an easy going little girl. She can accept new situations with reasonable care.
Quote: Claudia knows the routine very well and can follow it,
but she needs still to listen more.
She can very much be a little daydreamer.
She is always busy with something.
Quote: Claudia is one of the busiest girls in the classroom.
She is very creative in games; she talks a lot; she uses strategy while playing.
She loves to play seesaw, is learning to jump, and sings and dances.
Quote: Claudia still needs to practice a little bit more self control.
She can be very impatient.
She quite often wanders off while we are in singing circle.
Quote: Claudia can stand up for her own rights.
She empathizes with others.
She can share and take turns and cooperates with both teachers and children.
Quote: Claudia is a very kind, helpful little girl.
She never hurts anyone and plays nicely with others.
She has strong language skills and a beautiful accent.
She has settled in very nicely.

I left the parent-teacher conference laughing and smiling. I'm glad that Claudia has found her place in her school and is surrounded by sweet friends and caring teachers.


  1. That is adorable! And the Jane Fonda look is good on C!

  2. How sweet is that! Love the pics of CC...sure miss you guys a ton!!! Can't wait to (hopefully) see you next month!!

  3. Did mommy have on a matching headband?

  4. What an awesome school! And precious pictures!


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