Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Real Wiz in the Kitchens

Claudia is a real wiz in the kitchen.
She's always willing to pitch in on kitchen duty.
Today she rearranged all our koozies.
Here she is rummaging through the fridge.
Check out our fridge. Did you get a flashback to your college mini-fridge?
Ah ha!
Caught red handed.
Her favorite thing to drag out:
the cappuccino attachment to our coffee maker.
It's filled with milk.
She likes to suck the milk out of the attachment through the little tube.
Real sanitary.
Real good.
Who needs sippy cups?
Here she is laying waste to her own little kicthen.
Daddy built it for her for Christmas.
That pile in front of her is her "food! food!"
She cooks for Daddy.
They cook together.
Right now we're trying our best to teach Claudia that messes are not a good thing. Her favorite thing to do is to pull all the food out of her toy kitchen and throw it around the room. That would be fine, if she would help clean it up. But now she has started pulling all the stuff out of our real refrigerator and throwing it around the room. Not good. Bad. To her credit, our real refrigerator does look like a toy refrigerator. Nevertheless, we are working really hard on teaching her to not make messes and to pick up her toys. Its going.... its just going.
If anyone has any suggestions or tricks to getting their child to pick up their toys, please share. Please.


  1. All I have to say is...who has that many koozies, really??! lol...you know I love ya! And another thing- Claudia is so precious!!

  2. Jeez, you were up late! We have that many koozies because everyone hands at koozies at weddings. That's a very good thing. Claudia's favorite toy is the koozie. =)

  3. too cute!! We have that many koozies too, just collected over the years, no one needs warm beverages right!!?

  4. girl, we love a koozie here in ruston! :) o's kindermusik class sings a song when it's time to put one activity up and get ready for another. i just sing that song and o starts picking up! i'm not joking; it works! i could type the words here but since you prob don't know the tune that wont work. so, find a kindermusik class in budapest and get her signed up!


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