Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: Love, Lobsters & Language Lessons

This didn't really have much to do with Valentine's...
Claudia just loves having her "piggies" counted.
The "wee wee wee all the way home" part is her favorite.
You can find a few stores here that sell chocolates and cards,
but for the most part, you make your own Valentine goodies.
CC made her teachers chocolate cookies.
Some shaped like hearts...
... others shaped like less typical Valentines.
Moose, porcupine, bear, squirrel.
It shaped up to be the cast of Rocky & Bullwinkle.
Claudia's school had a Valentine's assembly.
Per norm, the Happy Hippo class was asked to "sit quietly and observe."
Claudia saved her energy for home...
She ran around the house pretending to be a lobster.
It sure made my day!
Only in a child's magic world can oven mits turn into lobster claws.
She screamed "lobser! lobser!" at everyone...
...me, Daddyboy, Winston &
the alarm technician that serviced our alarm during our V-day dinner.
Winston kept triggering our alarm... at night!!
My V-day gift was alarm sensors that Winston won't set off. =)
Happy Valentine's Day,
from our hearts to yours!!

This year we learned what its like to celebrate Valentine's Day in a country where there is no Hallmark... surprisingly, it's not all a big capitalist boondoggle after all! In Hungary, February 14th has, since the 3rd century, been recognized as a day dedicated to the matyred Roman Saint Valentine (the "day of Balint" here). Starting in the late eighties, early nineties, shortly around the time that the Iron Curtain was lifted here, Hungary started celebrating Valentine's Day in a more western day... flowers, hearts, candies... you know, the right way. =)
Russell and I celebrated by taking a romantic Hungarian language course together. I can tell you this... Hungarian is NOT a romance language. No matter what you are saying, it sounds like you are planning a hit on someone. It's a pretty harsh sounding language, but I'm sure with our Louisiana-Texas accents we can soften it up a bit! With that, I send you oleles es cskok (hugs and kisses) from Budapest.


  1. Cute pics - looks like Claudia enjoyed making those cookies! We celebrated with a romantic language lesson as well....fun fun!

  2. Lobster Claudia is cracking me up as did the moose cookie!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to the McLendon crew!! Love learning about life abroad!!


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