Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Skeleton is Bad to the Bone

silhouette of Bop a la photoshop
(looks like I need to make some touchups!)
my little skeleton!
she's making her scary face
aren't you intimidated?
don't worry, she won't bite!
my next task in photoshop: how to remove that crumb from her mouth?

Grandma and Grandpa treated us to the new Photoshop software before we left. As you can see... I've been experimenting with it. I can do the basics... cropping, zooming, lightening and darkening, black and white... you get the picture. Haha. Here are some funny ones of Claudia getting ready for bed, in her pink, glow in the dark skeleton jammies. She was in rare form. I also turned a profile pic into a silhouette. I think I'm going to either frame it or turn it into a pillow. Whatever I do, I'll be sure to post a pic!

Meanwhile... in Budapest... we are looking forward to the arrival of our furniture (in a matter of days!), Russell is getting ready for a week-long trip to Dallas (argh!), and Claudia is having fun at her little international kindergarten. And yes, we are getting ready for Halloween. Her kindergarten is having a party on Friday and then we are going to a carnival in a little village outside of Budapest. Happy early Halloween!


  1. Cutest skeleton I've ever seen!!!! Im lovin it,you go girl. Get lots of candy for Aunt Francesca!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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