Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Margaret Island + Autumnal Magnificence

sorry, prepare for picture overload.
Daddyboy + Bop
entry to the beautiful fall garden in Maragaret Island
wish I could tell you the names of the flowers
orange ones, purple ones, red ones...
the magenta ones that smelled good
Mommy & Bop
looks like I'm doing a Black Panther salute. But I'm not.
Just trying to get Bop to take her eyes off the gravel.
She loves dirt. Loves gravel. Loves to dig.
Margaret Island pond
Bop riding on Daddy's shoulders
Daddy said "What sound do the monkeys make?"
She said "ooh ooh ooh!"
Daddy launching Bop about 10 feet into the air.
more picknicking.
Would you look at that tree!
And look at these!
I can't get enough of these trees.
Looks like a postcard of fall.
Here's the remains of Marge's convent.
They were all but destroyed by some invading Turks.
A few hundred years ago, a great flood unearthed the ruins.
Happy Fall!

So I've slowly tumbled to the realization that I've never experienced a true fall. In Texas & Louisiana, fall was just a slightly cooler summer. My grass was always dead, it was still 80 degrees and the pine trees still held all their needles. So, round these parts, the trees are yellow, orange & red... it's 50 degrees... and I don't need to turn on the A/C in the Volkswagon! Very nice. While we McLendons still bitterly miss fall football and all the craziness that is the SEC right now, we are adjusting well and enjoying these beautiful fall days.

This weekend, we took in the autumnal splendor at Margaret Island, a skinny little island sitting smack dab in the middle of the Danube. It's named after Hungarian Princess Margit. The story goes that in the 13th century, the desparate King of Hungary, Bela IV, swore that if God were to deliver Hungary from the invading Tartars, he would dedicate his daughter Margaret to the Church. Hungary was spared by the Tartars, so nine (!) year old Margaret was shipped off to the convent on the island. The island is now a beautiful retreat in Hungary, with no cars allowed and lots of beautiful trees and gardens. We had a picnic on the island and toured the beautiful park and gardens.

Claudia had fun running around and playing in the dirt and gravel. She loves the weather and gets so mad
when we bring her back inside. She would play outside all day if we let her. We can't wait to take her back to explore more of Margaret Island. It is truly an amazing place to take in all the changing colors of fall.


  1. I LOVE following your adventures in Budapest! What fun yall are having!

  2. What a beautiful place! I am enjoying experiencing Budapest through your blog. Have you run into Angelina and Brad yet? :)

  3. Ha! I doubt I'll get a Brangelina sighting. But we found out they are living in our neighborhood! They moved into a house on the same street as a girl in one of C's playgroups!


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