Sunday, October 10, 2010

Palinka and Sausage Festival at Castle Hill

We took a quick walk across Chain Bridge to get to Buda.
self pic. These always turn out great.
You can see Castle Hill and the Royal Palace in the background, though.
Daddy and Bop outside the castle
birds eye view... no one is smiling at this point.
They were both so hungry for sausage.
the famous Turul Bird at the top of Castle Hill.
The story goes that the Turul dropped a sword in the Carpathian Basin,
indicating that this was to be the permanent home of the Magyars.
courtyard wall around the castle
a view from Castle Hill
It was a breathtaking view. Bop was very impressed.
King Matthias Fountain, also inside the castle.
Claudia couldn't take her eyes off the water.
the booths set up inside the castle courtyard were all so cute
there were about 50 booths
sampling all the great eats

Today was Budapest's annual Palinka and Sausage Festival. Given my love of cured meats, it was a must. All the best sausage makers and palinka distillers are given booths set up within the Buda Castle. The Royal Palace (Kiralyi Palota) was impressive itself and it now houses several museums. We got there early and it got crowded quick, so we stayed long enough to check out the palace and get lots of sausage and test the palinka. Palinka is a Hungarian brandy. They gave us little sipper glasses to walk around and get tastes from all the palinka booths. I thought it tasted pretty bad. It was almost like drinking Listerine. Accordingly, I focused on the food: a roasted and fried pork (think pork belly), smoked sausage, fingerling potatoes, roasted pumpkin, and rolled up crepes filled with chocolate and vanilla filing. Everything was delicious and Claudia had a great time!


  1. What a beautiful place!!! I personally am a huge fan of self-photos, Rene' and I insist on one every time we're together. Often people offer to take it for us, that would ruin it! Claudia's bug costume is precious!!!

  2. Ha!! I agree - I'd rather take a self pic than let a stranger take a pic. =)


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