Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vaci Utca and Stuff

Hungarian Parliament building at night
sampling the chocolate tort at Gerbeaud cafe and pastry shop
After operating for over a hundred years,
they've perfected the art of coffee and dessert.
the chocolate made its way in her mouth...
on her hands, all over her sweater, all over my sweater...
you get the picture.
She liked it.
No, she loved it.
the best invention ever: the KinderKord.
Thank you Elizabeth & Jay for this marvel.
Apparently they don't have these in Europe.
People stopped to take pictures of the baby on the leash.
hanging on the streets
patronizing the street performers.
we paid him 50 forent (a quarter).
We should have given him more - Bop loved it!
Who is this guy? I don't know.
But it reminded us of The Short Fat Policeman Golden Book.
So we took a picture.
our walk to St. Istvan's Basillica
taking in the sights
Chain Bridge all lit up at night

Today we went on a final tour of our top three houses and then, after Bop's nap, we toured the Pest Town Center (Belvaros). Fyi, Budapest is split down the middle by the Danube River. The West side is the hilly "Buda" side - think rolling hills, valleys, castles, basillicas, thermal baths, lots of houses. The East side is the flat "Pest" side, think hustle bustle city, businesses, fancy stores, shops, apartments. Vaci Utca is the main tourist drag. We dragged ourselves down said street this afternoon. We sent to Gerbeaud, a famous and beautiful coffee and pastry shop. Claudia enjoyed herself. We did a little shopping. We saw the beautiful Hungarian Parliamant building (Orszaghaz), the Chain Bridge, St. Istvan's Basillica and then we had dinner at Spoon, a restaurant that is on the Danube.

I usually have several small panic attacks throughout a typically dinner out with Claudia, but this one went very smoothly, dare I say perfect. No food throwing, no screaming and she was generally content to sit in the high chair. Claps for Claudia! It was a wondeful afternoon in Budapest.


  1. LOVE her outfit in these pics! hope your setteling in well.

  2. How beautiful! Humm ... I'm jealous. My typical work adventures take me to construction sites in Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas. This looks much more fun.

  3. Funny you say that, Stephanie! My work destinations typically consisted of swampy Louisiana oil fields. I'm definitely enjoying these sites. =)


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