Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Preview - the Ladybug in City Park

wondering why everyone is staring
enjoying the fact that she is not wearing shoes,
except for that one on her hand
trying to run away from the camera
eating animal cookies
(Jessie - THANK YOU for sending those!)

I wanted to keep up the one year long tradition and get out some Halloween cards, so we went to some scenic areas of City Park to take pics. Funny thing is, they don't celebrate Halloween here and apparently they don't dress their kids up in costumes. At one point, no less than 6 children were circled around her, poking her little ladybug belly, patting her bug head, and chanting "katicabogar! katicabogar!" She made lots of friends. It was pretty funny. The photo shoot did not yield that many pics - stupid me had my camera out of focus for half of them! Hopefully I can pull something together and get some cards out, but if not, happy early Halloween!!


  1. omg! o's gonna be a ladybug this year! how funny!

  2. She is sooooo cute! Can we borrow that costume in about 2 years?!?

  3. Thanks, I think she's pretty cute too! Mandi, the costume is all yours when we're finished. =)

  4. Too cute! I love the ladybug costume!

  5. OMG shes a cutie. Hope she gets lots of candy. Have fun carving pumpkins!!!! How I miss the days of little ones. Around here we will be ready to scare our trick or treaters!!! Luv yall loads, Aunt Cesca


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