Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Halloween to Remember

Halloween assembly at Claudia's school
I couldn't get any good pics, but here is Claudia in her classroom
Again, not many good pics.
Who can be bothered with pictures when there is a balloon so close?

Ah ha! A pumpkin.
Almost had one... but then she saw that balloon again. =)
It actually got pretty crazy in that little village.
They had film crews there. I made sure to stand in the background.
Ah yes, our lovely hotel room in Szentendre!
It was adorable from the outside. Then we came inside.
Russell liked it, but I'm pretty sure I saw bedbugs... so we left fast!

On Friday Claudia's school had their Halloween Assembly. Each class had a special performance for the assembly...each class except for Claudia's class, which is the youngest group (18 - 24 months). Her group was supposed to "sit quiety and watch." That's what it said in the program. Ha! At various stages throughout the assembly, each toddler from Claudia's class was escorted out, screaming. That included Claudia. She had fun while it lasted, though.

That evening, we ventured off to the village of Szentedre (Saint Andrew). It's about 30 minutes outside of Budapest and is a pretty and quaint little village. A local magazine suggested that Szentendre was "the" spot to celebrate Halloween, as it would have pumpkins, trick-or-treating, pumpkins and pumpkin pie contests. As the rest of Hungary is pretty ambivalent about Halloween, we figured we absolutely had to go to Szentendre. And what luck, the festivities were being put on by the English Center of Budapest!

Upon arrival in Szentendre, we discovered no English speakers, (except for the Stanteen family, who were also unwittingly lured into the sticks by the allure of a real Halloween experience), a few soggy and sad little pumpkins, no pies, and very little candy. We still managed to have a good time, though! We took Bop around through the cobblestone village where trick or treaters rushed the door of anyone passing out candy. We ate in an empty restaurant with the Stanteens. (awkward, but tasty!) We almost stayed at our hotel... but simply couldn't stay... you saw the couch. And that was the best thing about the room! We headed back to Budapest, tired & wiser.

Lesson learned... next year, plan a Halloween party and give candy to your neighbors to pass out. =) Happy Halloween!!

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