Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Swim Lesson

gettin suited up for the swim lesson...
her cute swimsuit was birthday present
from Aunt Debbie & Uncle Matthew
Daddy & Claudia strollin' up to the lesson
Mommy & CC
getting acquainted with the water before the lesson
the minnow division swim lesson

Today was Claudia's first swim lesson at the YMCA. We missed the first two classes due to the ear infection, so we were pretty excited to finally get into the pool. Claudia and Jaanya are in the "minnow" division together and they both had a lot of fun. Although it was really sunny and warm, the water had a little chill to it. About fifteen minutes in, Claudia's lips turned purple and started quivering. I had to take her out to thaw for a while before we resumed the class. From there on, she pretty much stayed in a little ball and kept very close to me. Hopefully next week the water will be a little warmer so my little minnow wont get so cold. We can't wait!

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