Friday, April 16, 2010

My Baby is One Year Old!

Claudia celebrating her birthday
smiling because she's about to go on a wagon ride
chasing after Winston
taunting Winston a little bit with the ribbon
playing around with Winston and the ribbon
stating to lose her balance with all the fun ...
don't worry, the soggy & inflated diaper totally broke her fall

This one goes out to Claudia... for her first birthday.

I still can't believe you are one year old. This week has been great, celebrating your first birthday with lots of loved ones. Bless your heart, you have been pretty sick this week too... a sinus infection, an ear infection and teething have exhausted you. The upside is that because you have had fever and have generally felt pretty puny, you've had to stay home with me and with Gram, which has meant lots of hugs and kisses. With this being your first birthday, I feel inclined to reflect on how this past year has been. In one word ... amazing!

You've changed life for the better. You are the constant ray of sunshine in our lives... making us smile, laugh, grow, reflect and appreciate every moment. Although you only have a few words in your vocabulary (Dada, Mama, caaa - which means "cat", i.e., Winston, & baby), you speak to us with your beautiful toothy smile, your chirpy little laugh, your sweet little kisses and your sticky handed hugs. Claudia, we love you more than anything and we know that you love us too! Happy birthday, sweet baby girl.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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