Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Party at Creme

Claudia chowing down on cupcake
Claudia and Miss Jessica posing for a pic
Claudia's friend Juliette, making the most adorable face
Claudia and Miss Cindy ... Claudia LOVES her some Miss Cindy
me trying to get Claudia to eat her cupcake
the circle of babies

Yesterday there was a party at Creme for Claudia's birthday. They put all the highchairs in a big circle, everyone gets a balloon and cupcake, and then all the babies smoosh cupcake all over their cute little faces. Its pretty funny to watch. Claudia also got some presents from her little boyfriends Alberto and Jacob and her best friend Juliette, so she was pretty excited. After the party, she came home and we celebrated some more. All in all, Claudia had a great time! Poor CC has been feeling pretty yucky since Sunday, as she is experiencing her first ear infection. She's also developed a pretty nasty cough. We went to see Dr. Ho and he prescribed some antibiotics, so hopefully she will be feeling better soon. In spite of this, she has been her loving and happy self and has really enjoyed her first birthday. We love you Claudia!!

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