Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jaanya's First Birthday

Jaanya sharing some birthday cake with her daddy, Raj
Claudia tasting the pink icing... mmm
babies, babies everywhere
Claudia getting her hand painted by Bubbles the clown

Yesterday we attended Jaanya Chowdhary's first birthday party. Claudia has developed a taste for birthday cake lately, so she was very excited about the party. There was a (cool, not scary) clown named Bubbles who sang songs, did magic, made balloon animals and painted faces. Claudia had a flower painted on her hand and was pretty excited about all the festivities. She had fun playing with all the other babies and wishing Jaanya a very happy first birthday. The girls were born two days apart and when they were born the Chowdhary's were living next door. It was pretty convenient! Although the Chowdhary's have moved, they are still only about ten minutes away, so Jaanya and Claudia still get to have playtime. We had so much fun at Jaanya's first birthday. I can't believe they are both one now!

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