Sunday, April 18, 2010

Consider the Bluebonnets

my sweetie
happy girl
can I pick just one?
my own bluebonnet!
sweet baby in the Texas bluebonnets
the McLendon family
sweet Audrey and Claudia
the McGraw family
Claudia and Audrey giving kisses

Today the McGraws and the McLendons got together to take some bluebonnet pictures. We considered going to Brenham, Texas, which is famous for bluebonnets and Bluebell ice cream, but considering we have two 12 month old babies who don't really love car rides, we opted to go to Memorial Park. We found a great patch of bluebonnets and also spotted some other beautiful wildflowers in a little preserve area within the park. The girls had fun playing with each other and we had fun posing them in the bluebonnets. Maybe next year we will make it out to Brenham!


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