Monday, April 5, 2010

Doin' Bruin!

hunting eggs on Sunday
kissing cousins!
the closest we got to fishing
CC hunting eggs
Wally telling Uncle Adam to wear the bunny ears
Wally & CC dressed in their Easter outfits
CC having fun with Mama Kate
Greatgrandaddy helping CC steer her car

swinging with Mommy & Daddy
Claudia making strides at Lapolico
somebunny loves you!
riding around on Daddy's shoulders
watching the sunset from the porch
CC & Wally sharing eggs
headed home with a giant pink bunny from Grandaddy & Mama Kate

Every Easter the McLendons get together at the Lapolico camp on Lake Bruin in Louisiana. They've all been going there for the past 50 years! This year CC was introduced to the tradition and she had the time of her life! She really learned how to walk this weekend, thanks to her cousin Wallace (Wally for short) and the extra long porch at the camp. Claudia had lots of room to run and play and, as a result, she started walking like a pro. Wally is about 18 months, so he has the walking... and running... down pat. She learned a lot watching him and was motivated to walk so she could keep up.

Ms. Irene, Russell's grandma, and Claudia's greatgrandma, turned 86 on Saturday so we had a great time celebrating her birthday and having some cake after the fish fry dinner. Russell and I didn't do any fishing, but we went on the dock and encouraged everyone! I'm not sure who caught the most fish... it was either Mr. Ray (a close McLendon family friend) or Russell's Aunt Ginger.

On Sunday, we woke up to find lots of treats from the Easter Bunny, including a basket with a brown bunny named Cadbury, a little wind up caterpillar, a chocolate bunny, a little book called "If I Were a Bunny" and lots of other little treats. The Easter Bunny had left lots of eggs around the camp which Claudia and Wally hunted. While riding on Daddy's shoulders hunting eggs, Claudia opened one of the eggs, which had little chocolate cookies inside. We didn't realize it, but she started eating the cookies and spitting them out onto Daddy's head. Finally, the chocolate started oozing down onto Daddy's arms and shirt. Claudia just laughed... so did Mommy!

After all the fun at Lapolico, we returned to Shreveport to stay with Memaw. Memaw just got a new computer and Russell helped her set it up. She was really excited about the computer, but most excited to spend more time playing with Claudia. We are back in Houston now, relaxing after a long and very fun Easter weekend.


  1. Claudia just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I LOVE that dress she has on!!!

  2. Looks like Easter was a blast. Now, on to the BIG 1st Birthday!

  3. Thanks! FYI - the dress is from the Gap. They have cute stuff for the little ladies!


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