Sunday, April 11, 2010

Claudia's First Birthday Party

Claudia in her party hat
Liz and Max
Audrey blowing kisses
CC's birthday cake
the McLendons with their sweets & sweetie
blowing out the candles
dipping her little fingers into the icing of her smash cake
CC clapping her iced up hands
"after" pic of smash cake
peek-a-boo, its Jaanya & Audrey
all the little ladies
Maxie playing in Claudia's swimming pool - a present from
Uncle Matthew, Aunt Debbie, Staci & Mandi...
it was filled with all sorts of fun swimming supplies!
Claudia giving a kiss to her stick Mike the Tiger from Grandaddy & Mama Kate
When you pinch his ear, he plays the fight song!
CC and her glow worm from Tracy & Luis
unwrapping her "Learning Purse" from the Oggs

Yesterday was Claudia's first birthday party! She didn't quite know what to think and we didn't quite know what to expect... so it was an eventful day at the McLendon house! The party started around 2 pm and lots of friends and family came over. We were so excited to have Grandaddy and Mama Kate come for the party, as they drove all the way from Mer Rouge, Louisiana yesterday (almost 8 hours!) and Aunt T and the Ogg family came in from Baton Rouge! They definitely put a smile on CC's little face! Claudia was experiencing some major teething & allergy pains, but that did not get her down. As soon as she saw all her buddies (Audrey, Jaanya & Max), she was ready to party.

She had fun poking around in her smash cake, which was a little miniature birthday cake just for her, but she did not like having all the icing stuck to her fingers. She liked the way it tasted, though! The little lady got a ton of presents, most of which we did not open, so I think we will save them for days when she is being extra sweet. The coolest toys were definitely the bubble machine and the LSU stick-tiger (just like a stick pony, only with Mike the Tiger and it plays the fight song). The stick tiger was a big hit. The babies enjoyed playing in the backyard chasing (well, wobbling around with) the bubbles.

Claudia's first birthday was a great day and she had so much visiting with all her friends and family!

Also, big thanks to Don for taking all the pictures... they are awesome!


  1. Yeah! Happy Birthday CC! Love the pics and her cake was too cute!

  2. Thanks! She had a blast... but now has an ear infection. =( Just took her to the dr.

  3. I am so sad that I missed her party! It looks like she had a great time and I love that cake!! Too cute!

  4. She is such a little cutie! It looks like yall had some fun! Happy Birthday Claudia!

  5. Dona and I had such a good time. Don especially enjoyed getting some guy time. It was just precious (and hilarious) to watch Claudia smash into her cake. Happy Birthday Claudia!


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