Monday, March 1, 2010

The Tables are Turned on Daddy

smiling because she just flung her food across the room
sharing food with Daddy
say "AAAAAHHHH", Daddy

We had some absolutely beautiful weather this weekend. Blue skies and warm temperatures. We went on several strolls! Uncle Matthew and Aunt Debbie came over for dinner on Saturday night and we watched some of the Olympics. Go USA for getting a record number of medals! Claudia had a great weekend... but has recently decided she doesn't want to eat any food of any kind. She has pretty much been refusing EVERYTHING... even stuff she loved before. We are trying anything and everything with no luck. Instead of eating her foods, she decided it would be more fun to feed Daddy. It made for some funny pictures! Hopefully she will start eating her foods again. If not, weaning her from the bottle might be a little tricky. =)

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