Friday, March 19, 2010

The Need for Speed

Claudia having a ball pushing her little car around
stopping to pose for a pic
Claudia on the move
Becoming very good at turns
after playing hard, its nice to play with Chantix, the magic pony

For Christmas Claudia got a little car that converts into a walker. For a while she mostly just sat on the car while Mommy & Daddy drove her around the house. A few weeks ago we converted it into the walker, and ever since, she has been on the move. She gets going pretty fast on this thing and gets very excited that she can move across the room so quickly. I guess this is a preview for the walking! Also, Claudia has enjoyed playing with her purple pony that Grandpa surprised her with last week. We have named him Chantix, the magic pony, and Claudia loves him.

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