Sunday, March 14, 2010

C.E. Byrd 10 Year Reunion

Claudia giving Claire a kiss
me holding sweet Claire
Amy holding Claudia while Savannah gives kissies ... lots of kisses to go around!
Claudia and Memaw
Claudia making Memaw smile
me, Logan, Andrea, Angela & Rachel at the picnic
CC with Rachie & Andrea
Poor CC didn't know what to think about Logan!
Logan meeting Brady Quinlan, who is just a few months older
Rachie holding CC ... CC loved Aunt Rachie!
me and Angela at the reunion
Mackey, Andrea, Angela & me at the reunion

This weekend we went to Shreveport for my ten year high school reunion. After celebrating Russell's reunion last fall I was excited to finally go to mine ... seeing how the reunion was actually 11 years after we graduated! We left on Thursday and stayed at Memaw's house, where Claudia spent lots of quality time with Memaw, playing the piano, cruising around Memaw's house, and playing with some of my old toys that Memaw saved. We also had a very exciting milestone ... Claudia took one whole step on her own! We were so excited and proud. We were especially glad that Memaw got to see this exciting milestone. Well done Claudia!

On Friday we met the Manns at Strawn's for lunch and some pie. We were so excited to finally meet the newest addition to the Mann family, beautiful baby Claire Abigail Mann. She has beautiful brown hair and blue eyes. She was sweet as she can be and Claudia even gave her a smooch on the head. She and Savannah also had fun sharing sippy cups and kisses.

On Saturday we went to the C.E. Byrd picnic at Betty Virginia Park. The park looks very different from when I was young. When I went to South Highlands we took many a picnic to BVP and it was fun to let Claudia play at the same park I enjoyed growing up. Claudia enjoyed meeting Rachel, Andrea, Logan, Mackey and Mickey and all the other babies and kiddos. It was a fun afternoon. On Saturday evening we went to the reunion at the Robinson Center downtown. I was also excited to see how different downtown Shreveport is... it is really booming with new businesses, movie theaters and restaurants. The reunion was fun getting to see everyone and catch up with my old dear friends!

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