Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Parade

Happy girl playing with mommy.
the bar stools are perfect height for hanging on to
Claudia was a little confused by the Easter Bunny
Daddy stealing candy from CC's bunny bag

Today was CC's Easter Parade at Creme. This entailed being pushed around Creme in the Byebye Buggie while people passed out Easter treats to all the children. Claudia got lots of treats, which she put in her bunny bag, which Mommy & Daddy then ate. At the end of the parade was the Easter bunny. As you can see, Claudia was not too impressed! She was very excited about her inflatable pink bunny she got, though! I can't believe Easter is almost here. Claudia was born the day after Easter one year ago... so that means birthday time is almost here!!

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