Saturday, March 6, 2010

Claudia's First Steps

a little wobbledy, but gettin the hang of things!
Claudia straps on her gold lame walkin' mocs from Aunt Amy
early morning stroll through the house

This past week Claudia has been taking her first assisted steps. She holds on to either Mommy or Daddy's hand or walks while holding on to her little walker. We have taken several videos, but are having trouble uploading it. We are going to try again this afternoon so stay posted. For now, here are some still photos of Claudia getting her move on. Tonight Claudia is having her first slumber party & is very excited. Her BFF Audrey is going to spend the night and I suspect the girls are going to have a blast!

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  1. Uploading videos take a long time usually. I normally don't put videos that are longer than like 30 seconds. Just be patient. I walk away from my computer while it loads. Hope this helps!


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