Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Word ... Mama!

Memaw feeding CC her "bababa"
CC smiling at her new best friend, Uncle Kyle
All smiles after saying her first word!
CC looking very fair in comparison to super tan Uncle Kyle
Gotcha! CC gets her mits in Aunt Mandi's hair

Today was a very special day, people! Claudia said her first word, "Mama!" We were all over at Aunt Debbie & Uncle Matthew's to have dinner & celebrate Kyle being in from Hawaii and Claudia was being very chatty. She started repeating us when we said "ba ba ba." We were so excited! Then when we were eating dinner, she said "mama." Just Aunt Debbie & I heard her say it that time. Then later when Mandi was holding her, she said it again... only this time she said "Mamamama!" It was so exciting! CC, Mama loves you!

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