Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gram!

CC and Grandpa
Gram doing her best to get a giggle out of CC
the birthday girl

Today is Gram's 53rd birthday! To celebrate, we had a celebratory lunch yesterday with chicken parm & some chocolate cake. I think Gram's favorite part of the day was playing with CC. Claudia gave her lots of hugs & kisses. After lunch, we watched the Saints win their 8th straight game. It was a little too close... barely beating the Rams is not a great thing, but a W is a W. And 9-0 makes this a Saints record. Gram liked her surprise from me & Rusty... a trip to Pinot & Picasso. We can't wait to go & create some art & drink some wine. Happy birthday, Gram.... you don't look a day past 50! =) Love you.

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