Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Wedding in Dallas

Katie & Sean dancing their way to the reception
Traci, Amy (& Claire!), Carla, me & Sarah
Russell & me
Amanda & me

This past weekend Russell & I took a trip to Dallas to see our close friend Katie Bacon get married to Sean Ewell. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was so much fun getting to see everyone. We decided to let CC stay behind and spend the night with Gram & Grandpa... and she, of course, had a great time. Russell & I, however, had some difficulties getting home to our little sweetie pie, though. On the way to the airport, we got in a fender bender when some crazy driver backed up at a toll booth, forgot to take his car out of reverse, gassed it to go forward, but instead came flying back & smashed into Amanda's Mini Cooper. Luckily, we got to the airport on time... or so we thought. We got through all the security check points & were sitting at the gate when we realized we were at the wrong airport! We jumped in a taxi & sped across town, only to miss our plane by a matter of minutes. We watched it taxi & then fly off. Luckily, we got on a stand-by flight a few hours later & made it back to CC. We definitely owe Gram & Grandpa for taking such great care of our little angel. It was a great weekend, but we are glad to be back home!

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