Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby's First Halloween

Grandpa gives CC her first Halloween candy
Boo! CC looks like she just saw a ghost!
Mom, CC & I hit the road for treats... no tricks!

Me cutting into Mom's pumpkin cake
CC with mommy, daddy & spidey!
CC shows Grandpa her caterpillar smirk
CC and Uncle Matthew enjoying the Georgia / Florida game
Aunt Debbie gives CC her pumpkin teddy
the wee caterpiller showing off her costume to Aunt Debbie

Yesterday was Claudia's first Halloween & I have to say, she had a blast! After the pumpkin patch the whole McLendon family took a long nap and then went to Aunt Debbie & Uncle Matthew's. Aunt Debbie had a special Halloween surprise for CC... a cute little bear in a pumpkin costume. It was a hit... CC loves him! We even Skyped for the first time so Staci & the Heinz family in D.C. could see CC in her little caterpillar costume. After that we went to Gram & Grandpa's for some trick or treating! Gram & Grandpa live in a great neighborhood for trick or treating and all the neighbors had a party for the kids. All the big kids rode around the neighborhood in a little spooky little Halloween wagon. CC was too little this year for the wagon, but we think she'll be ready next year! In the mean time, she had fun looking at all the big kids and watching them play. CC got lots of great candy, read Halloween stories and had a blast playing with Gram and Grandpa. Baby's first Halloween was the best!

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