Monday, November 16, 2009

OMG, its the OGGs!

Claudreymax... posing (er, being posed) for a pic
Maxie smashing his little cake
the babies all making a rush for the book
Jessie & Liz hold the babes... Max has a pound or two on the girls
Yay! Its the Oggs!

This weekend the Oggs came to town & it was the best weekend ever. We got to see how big Max has gotten and he showed us all his new tricks. He can walk (with little to no assistance), he can talk and he already has a little sense of humor. When we were taking a picture, he said "cheese!" It was adorable. Maxie doesn't turn one until December 29th, but we decided to celebrate a little early with cake and presents on Sunday because Max will celebrate his big day at home in Pennsylvania. We had a great time visiting with the Oggs and can't wait to go visit them in Baton Rouge. Also, Liz, Jessie & I had a girls' night out on Saturday. Yay! (see below)

ladies night!

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