Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Finally Left the House

It just wouldn't be winter without a lot of coughing, runny noses, fevers and general feelings of yuck. We were going on about two weeks straight of not leaving the house when we finally decided to just leave the house.  When we did leave the house, we discovered that the world had kept on going without us.  So.  We were happy to catch right back up with it.  And we are germ free.  Finally!
Poor little caged bird.  She was never really sick, but she stayed home for a bit when I was just too miserable to get out and take her to school.
As for Patrick, you can't keep a good man down.  Even with a high temperature, he was his usual sweet self.
I dont' know how he feels, but I love these crocheted Hungarian booties.  Keeps his wee tootsies warm. 

When we decided to leave the house, we made our way to the Hungarian Transportation Museum.  Sounds pretty boring.  But it was NOT.  Not at all.  It was filled with old planes, trains and automobiles, but had tons of cool exhibits including the evolution of bicycles, the evolution of boats (from Viking and Egyptian ships to modern luxury lines) and all kinds of interactive exhibits.   

It was also nostalgic seeing parts of the original Budapest bridges, the ones that were blown to bits and recovered from the Danube River after the Nazis blew them up while retreating from the invading Soviets who liberated Budapest at the end of World War II.   
If you live in Budapest and have a certain someone that is obsessed with anything with wheels... make some time for this place.  Again, it is just great!

Patrick's love of transportation knows no bounds.  He takes a "kuk" (truck) with him everywhere he goes.  He learns his colors by identifying the colors of "kaas" (cars).  He lives for that moment that the "big kuk, big kuk" (garbage truck) comes rumbling up our hill.  He knows the garbage men by name, "Kuk Man, Kuk Man, Kuk Man!" (I don't know their real names, but they are so nice and greet Patrick every week).
With the big second birthday looming, I suspect we cannot go wrong if we get him a few more kaas and kuks.  ;)

I hope everyone is surviving this winter with as little sniffles as possible!


  1. Ugh, winter colds & flu are the worst! Glad you managed to get out, being cooped up indoors with small children underfoot can be nightmarish after a while :) A transportation museum would be right up our alley here - Oliver is still obsessed with anything that has wheels!

  2. how amazing are those vintage looking cars?


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