Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lost in the Fog

We need to get out more.  We are going completely stir crazy in this house.  It's just those daily waves of freezing fog, though.  They make me want to stay inside and Patrick goes absolutely bananas every time I bundle him up to go out.   We do capitalize on the sunny days, though.   The sun gives us a reason to be silly.  
This is what you get... 
... when you do too much of this.
Patrick:  "Dis kuck."  ("This is the truck.") 

I made him go out one day.

Miss Bojangles was dancing and singing on the street in front of the state Opera House, entertaining a gaggle of tourists on a Big Bus tour.  We eventually had to scoop her up and take her home.
Her favorite indoor activity is creating lovely bracelets, necklaces and rings for the entire family.
See that girl in the bottom of the mirror there?  She's got a critical eye for fashion.   She said that (insanely expensive) purse is not pretty.
 Good!   :)  


  1. Yes. We need to get out more too! This winter needs to be over!

  2. Darling children. Love love love your sweet daughter's homemade jewelry. And LOVE that she could care less about that expensive bag. :)

  3. Winter is driving me stir crazy! Your daughter's opinion on that purse cracks me up. I agree with her!

  4. Awh!
    We have snow, you have fog. I guess we get what we get.
    Love the photos. They tell such a peaceful and mysterious story.
    Sounds like Patrick's words are coming along great.
    Happy winter!

  5. Such lovely images capturing precious everyday moments. We are fogged in here in Geneva too. It's intoxicating when the sun peaks through! Happy New Year!


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