Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out With the Old

Christmas is over, but I had a few leftovers I wanted to preserve for my memory book here. I think just about everyone gets a little sentimental when they pack up all the Christmas decorations and take down the tree.  Me, I start wondering what life will be like the next time the boxes are brought back out and unpacked.  Who knows what this new year will bring.   

Now, time to break out Sad Santa and get over Christmas being over.  ;)  

The last few pictures represent what generally happens when I try to take pictures of Claudia and Patrick dressed nicely.  Specifically, Claudia called Patrick out on taking a smelly poop.  Generally, its just a failed attempt at posed pictures.  But these are more honest and, for me, more memorable.  ;)  

And now that Claudia's school reconvenes tomorrow (after a FOUR week break), I can finally get 2014 started properly... by clearing away the piles and splatters of new/old toys and trinkets that are littering everyone room of this house!


  1. I love their coordinating outfits!!

  2. claudia's expressions in those last photos is priceless!
    and well done santa, those presents look amazing! x

  3. Hehe I love the outakes! Sometimes I think the candid, funny face ones are the best :)
    Happy 2014 to you & your family!

  4. I love them! Think the last three images are so better than any posed photo. Shows the kids true personalities.


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