Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Going on Eastern European time, we have 1 hour of Halloween left.  So, I am eating my children's treats (really, they have far too much candy) and sharing some sweet dress up pictures from this year. 
Cat in cat's pajamas
We broke out last year's costume for her school carnival tonight. 
Baby Zissou did really well for himself this year.  I caught him eating a tootsie roll through the wrapper this evening.  What a mess!  He also chewed up a single lemon Dot for about an hour this evening at the Carnival.  A little goes a long way for little man.  Which is good... because that means more candy for Daddy and me.  =)

She was also Dorothy for partying and trick or treating last weekend.

We carve a Jack Skelllington every year, but this year, we also made Oogie Boogie.  

We roasted some weenies and marshmallows last weeken, but I don't think we'll be bonfiring again any time soon.  Patrick is amazed with the fire, but not in a respectful, aware-of-the-danger way.   We pretty much have to secure him in wrestling holds the whole time, which is not much fun for anyone.   
He really likes this part, though.  And so do I.  Chubby bunny!

Happy Halloween!


  1. We were there last year and missed it this year! Hysterical to see the kids circling the house from door to door for more candy. Wonder if these little expats will grow up thinking that is how Trick or Treating goes in the US, too? Ha! So fun!

  2. It looks like you all had a great Halloween Meryl! I have just been catching up on your blog, I love all the autumn photos and also your trip to Poland, you go to such amazing places! Claudia is always so smiley and happy. And Patrick really seems to be changing and growing up more and more. He is a bit like Jasmine it seems, always wanted to get down and be off, not sitting still for a minute - it is such hard work at times. I hope your husband had a lovely birthday! I don't know about you, but the weather is getting colder here, winter is well and truly on the way. :)


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