Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Candles on the Cake & Leaves that Must be Raked

In Texas, the seasons all seemed to blur together to form one overextended summer.  This is not the case in Budapest. Right now, we are settling nicely into fall... leaves, cool mornings, sweaters... that kind of stuff. Winter's chill, the nasty colds and the unplowed streets will be all too soon, so for the time being, I'm loving fall.  
Last Friday I joined Claudia's class on a field trip.  They took a hike through the woods to observe nature.  They were all so excited!  Each of them had a little clip board, pencil and a scavenger sheet depicting objects they were encouraged to find.   I think we will have to do a few more scavenger hunts on our own this season!
My sweet man.  He didn't come along on the field trip... I can't seem to get him to hold my hand or even walk with me these days.  He really prefers to bolt off in random directions, usually laughing hysterically at me. And he gets super mad when I go retrieve him.  
We found a kind of gnarly tree in our favorite park the other day.  When I see crazy trees like this, which isn't often, I wonder what happened to make them grow like this.  I have a friend that loves weird trees and is convinced they have "so much energy!"  Maybe they do.  We played around on this tree for a good while and then no one wanted to take a  nap afterwards.  
Claudia's collection of leaves, nuts & sticks
The chestnut leaves are a-changin'!
My guy is starting to take an interest in books... and I am thrilled!  He loves anything that features a truck, a fire engine or a train.
Daddy celebrated his big birthday last week!  Claudia asked to make a wish on his candles.
... and Patrick nearly burned his fingers off on the candles.  Happy birthday, Daddy!


  1. Love the last two pictures the most! You can see how much they love their daddy!

  2. What perfect photos!
    Just love how happy your wee people are.
    Happy birthday to Daddy and happy fall to your lovely family.
    WONDERFUL captures Mumma!

  3. I feel the same way. Autumn is beautiful. I don't look forward to winter (with colds and icy streets) but for now its gorgeous. beautiful pics, always!

  4. So sweet! Beautiful pics as usual ;)! Happy belated birthday to Russell!

  5. Autumn! It looks lovely! It's almost enough to make me long for sweaters, coloured leaves, and crisp mornings. But then I remember winter and think NO THANKS!!! Lovely pictures. Looks like a super fun week !


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