Friday, June 24, 2011

Pony Ridin', Papa, Pool Party for One

Last fall, Claudia's class started pony riding lessons every Monday.
Here she is last winter. She wasn't really into it.
But now she loves it! The school had an end of the year party at Petnehazy.
It's the horse ranch that does their lessons.
They informed me that she rides without being held now.
I held her anyway.
I didn't do a good father's day post.
And Russell deserves better than that.
Russell loves his Claudia more than anything in the world.
I see so many good qualities in Claudia that I know come from him.
Claudia is a lucky girl to have you as a daddy. =)
They both share a love of dancing.
Notice the sippy cup clinched between her teeth.
That's not going anywhere.
Now here's some patio pool pics.
Looks like this is turning into another hodge podge post.
It's pretty hot here.
Granted its not Gulf coast hot, but hot none the less.
Hopefully everyone can get in a little of this this weekend.

Have a great one!

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