Monday, June 6, 2011

Learning to Fly + Climbing / Painting on the Wall

What did we do this weekend?
Little of this...
... little of that.
Claudia also demonstrated her ability to literally climb the walls.
I don't see how you can be anything but impressed by this.
I've been busy too... look at my roses!
The yellowuns smell the best.
The succulents... this is where my giant slugs live.
Also... Claudia made the leap to big girl bed this weekend. Here it is!
She had been climbing out of her crib every morning and specifically requested a "big bed."
Now look here... we check in on her and find her sleeping on her crib mattress.
We put it on the side of the bed in case she rolled out.
She told Daddy last night that she wants to sleep on her "little pad."
Turns out the big girl bed is just where she wants to do her reading.
We'll be working on this one.
Now let's talk about idiotic, ill-conceived home renovation projects. I can now paint a Moroccan tile pattern in my sleep. And I'll probably have to start painting in my sleep to finish this project before we leave Budapest. This is Claudia's play area. It's going slow. Real slow. Claudia hasn't played in weeks.
Lastly, the highlight of our weekend: American goods! We went to a party hosted by some American embassy folks and the host gave me a goody bag. Believe it or not... you cannot buy these products (peanut butter, grape jelly, apple sauce, soft white bread) anywhere in Europe. You don't realize how much you love peanut butter until you can't go out and buy a jar.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Love C's big girl bed and her curtains! The moraccan tile looks like too much work, but it sure is pretty!!!

  2. Life is totally ALL about the little things!! Love Claudia's sweet room and your home project. Very cool! And I will be more than happy to send you some PB at any time. No way could we live without it!!

  3. Love her new big girl bed! LOVE your moraccan tile painting...when would you like to come do that in one of my rooms, lol...what day this week would you like to Skype...message me on fb!

  4. love c's new room! now, are you seriously free handing that painting project? i'm super impressed at your diligence and your patience. can you send some my way? :)

  5. that big girl bed and her room are SO sweet and adorable and chic!!! as is the Moroccan tile painting!!!

  6. We have huge slugs too. It's gross.
    The Moroccan tile is amazing. I'm impressed.

  7. Love the paint work. Where are you located? Would you consider painting professionally.


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