Friday, June 17, 2011

Future Farmer of America and Stage Presence

We decided to start a little farming. Observe Exhibit A, taken last week. Claudia has been expressing a keen interest in becoming a farmer when she grows up. I credit this to Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever & Great Big School House. There's lots of pictures of farming and discussions of "fine red tractors".
Specifically, Claudia wants to drive this and harvest those.
Now behold... Exhibit B. In one week our seeds exploded!
Radishes! Pumpkins! Peppers!
Well, we don't technically have any of these things, but we have seedlings!
And soon... soon we will have these vegetables.And the next time we go home, Claudia can see this...
Paps' big red tractor!
Claudia was more than thrilled when she discovered that Paps was a farmer...
and that he owns a fine red tractor.
Hopefully this won't happen.
I love Richard Scarry's humor.
In other news, Claudia had her end of school celebration yesterday.
Her class took to the stage at the carnival for special performance.
Oatmeal also took to the stage.
Shortly after taking the stage, she took to the floor.
Parked it. Didn't sing. Didn't do any hand motions.
But, most importantly, no tears! And she seemed proud of herself. =)
I was proud too! Sorry for the blurry pic... it's from the cell phone.
Now it's time to get ready to celebrate Father's Day with this special guy!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love her little face where she's "smelling" the plants!! Precious!


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