Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blazing Marshmallows

Sorry for the two week absence! Our internet hasn't been working properly since about June 24th. We had the upload speed of 0.02 mbps. In case that doesn't mean anything to you, I had a better chance of getting a smoke signal to you than a blog post. But, after two weeks and twenty calls to T-Home Budapest, our internet is restored!

But don't worry, you really didn't miss much around here. Russell is working a lot and is studying for a certification test for work, so he's been real busy. Yuck. When he's not working, he's starting fires...
After reading Suess's The Sneetches, ten, maybe a hundred and ten times this month, Claudia wanted to have a frankfurter & marshmallow roast. She really likes marshmallows. Which is not necessarily a good thing. They certainly won't ever make it onto the USDA food pyramid and they cost about $7 a bag here.
Starting a fire in a foreign country is, well, a foreign thing for us. Here were the tools we procured from the local hardware store. That thing resembling a bottle of malt liquor is lighter fluid, we think. The box that says "Feuer Maxx" contained highly flammable little wicker balls. For good measure, we got some foot long match sticks.
All these elements combined to create a spectacular fire! I love that fire pits are popular here. This one is tucked away in the corner of our yard. After we get a little more practice with ours, I want to have a big weenie and marshmallow roast for all the kiddos.
Daddy taught Claudia about fire safety...
... and how to roast a good weenie.
Claudia mostly just wanted to throw stuff in the fire, so we will need to work on this.
And the kicker... she doesn't like roasted marshmallows. Finds them too messy. Doesn't like to get her little mitts sticky. Which is pretty amusing, as her hands are perpetually coated in all manner of gross stuff.
She was content to kick back and munch on her hot dog and eat melon.
Here's that smoke signal I mentioned.
Last week it rained every day. Finally it stopped on Sunday. And a rainbow appeared in the sky. A rainbow! I hadn't seen a rainbow since I was a kid. I don't know if I've just stopped looking for them or if the light polluted cities I've been living in have just drowned them out. Regardless, we were all excited to see it!
With the internet being out, I kept myself busy with a little craft project. I made this for Claudia last week. I'm still getting the hang of sewing, but I really like it. The first time I used this pattern, it took 5 hours, but this time it only took about 3. I've got some seersucker fabric in pink and blue, so I'm about to do something with that next.
Side view. Check out Claudia's first Barbie. It's a Sleeping Beauty ballerina. She loves Sleeping Beauty and loves ballerinas, so she was really excited when this arrived in the mail from Gram. She dances her all over the house. Thank you Gram for all the goodies you sent!
This is the last thing I do with every sewing project... stitch the tag in. Russell's grandmother sent him a roll of cloth name labels when he went to college. She suggested he have them sewn into all his boxers and undershirts. This was low on his freshman year priority list, so it never happened. Now I have them! And I put them into all Claudia's clothes. =) I think this will give Grandma Irene a laugh when we go home next.
I'm annoyed that this picture keeps turning on me, but I wanted to share... so maybe cock your head to the right. Claudia painted a picture of a sailboat on the lake. Do you see it?
Also, we transplanted the pepper, pumpkin and radish seedlings into big pots and moved them outside.
I don't want to say she lost interest, but shortly after the seedlings were transplanted, she sat in the pepper pot...
... then she ran away.
She figured her time was better spent spinning.
We're still trying to figure out what manner of fruit is growing in our yard. They look like fat pink-orange cherries, but when you cut them open, they look and smell like persimmons. I'm confused.
These are far less confusing. Just pretty. Growing just adjacent to the mystery fruit.
And I made some Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.
They are stinkin' delicious. Obviously lacking in nutritional content, but I don't care.
They are that good. Best right out of the oven.
Also, they are easy as pie to make. I also made an apple pie. I didn't take a picture, but it was surprisingly good. I fervently believe that fruit and nuts were not intended to be desserts, but I may make an exception for apple pie.
Lastly, I'd like to give an update on the move to the big-girl-bed. It has, for the most part, gone very well. She likes her bed and its nice to snuggle in while we read bedtime stories. She does have her moments, though, when she abandons the bed for a less conventional sleeping spot. For example, I checked in on her during nap time to find her nestled inside a dresser drawer. She was also wearing two pairs of big girl panties over her leggings. Other resting spots have included her changing pad, placed on the floor, and the bare floor itself. On the road to becoming a big girl, we are getting there slowly. Which is absolutely fine with me. =)


  1. I really have to learn to sew. I have the sewing machine and all the supplies, but have no idea what to do with it. Claudia's outfit turned out cute! Good job!

  2. You are such a wonderful Mama! Loved reading that post. Fun fun fun memories!!

  3. Ok, CC sleeping in the dresser drawer is absolutely hilarious!! She is so silly! I can't wait to Skype next week so I can see her sweet face! Oh- I love the outfit you made her! It is too cute! I think Savannah and Claire need one of those Auntie Meryl :)

  4. Oh my gosh, how funny is her sleeping spot! Sophie does that too, randomly puts on clothes over clothes. Her curly hair is too much too ;)

  5. I love marshmallows too, so C has good taste! :) And that plaid outfit is the cutest! I had those cloth name labels in all of my clothes as a kid, they're sooo great for when she starts going to came and stuff!

    My husband started drooling when I told him about the oreo stuffed cookies--sinful, we will be trying this!


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