Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love to Mom

It's almost here! Here are some of my favorite mothers and mom moments.

This is the day we brought Claudia home from the hospital.
She was so little I could practically hold her with one hand.
I didn't. But I could have. Tiny.
Now, here's a tender moment with my mom.
The best, best, best mom ever.
Ever. I love you, Mom.
Now, according to writing on the back of this photo, this is the day Russell came home from the hospital. I never had the honor of meeting Russell's beautiful mom, Linda, but it is evident from family members' stories and pictures that she loved little Russell to the moon. I have no doubt she is smiling down on little Claudia right now.
Here is Claudia snuggling with Gram last year.
This is one of my favorite pictures.
Here's Claudia with Mama Kate when she was nine weeks old.
... and another when Claudia was a few hours old!
This is my beautiful Memaw! She says this is her favorite photo of herself. She had just had her tonsils out and felt, as she says, "sooooo thin!" That story always makes me laugh.
Here's sweet Memaw holding Claudia when she was a few days old.
Russell's sweet grandmothers gave him a whole lot of attention growing up. Russell's grandmother, Irene, has repeatedly told me, as she did on our wedding night... "If one day you decide you don't want him, just send him to me!" That story also gives me and Russell a good chuckle.
Here's Russell's grandmother Virginia. I never met Virginia, but I know what she means to Russell. If I could tell her one thing, it would be "thank you. You helped raise an amazing man!" Look at those knee socks and saddle shoes. It's true. Russell has always been a snazzy little dresser.
And here's a little cross stitch I made for all you moms. Teasing. I never learned to cross stitch. I found this in a box of keepsakes when I was unpacking the other day. Yes, I've been here 8+ months and I'm still unpacking. =) Happy Mother's Day!

Also, in case you don't follow Pioneer Woman, she is doing a great contest (ending Friday!) to provide relief to the tornado victims. She is even making donations based on how many people leave a comment. Check it out!


  1. Hahaha, love the tonsils story! And Russell's socks/shorts combo. I think that must have been the style back then. There are tons of photos of my brother in similar attire!

  2. What a great post! Beware, I'm stealing this idea:)!! Happy Mother's Day Meryl!!


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