Monday, May 9, 2011

Greetings from the Land of Caves, Mermaids & Giant Slugs

This post is what I like to call a "hodge podge." Its a bunch of random moments strung together. Luckily, my snappy title seamlessly pulls it all together! This is Claudia saying... not really, but go with it Mom!You may notice that Claudia has some war paint on.
She got it at her first big girl party!
She got to go to Chelsea's birthday party this weekend.
For the following reasons, this was a big deal for Bop:
(1) She is obsessed with all things Chelsea;
(2) It was a big girl (age 5) party and big girls are her favorite thing;
(3) She got to dress up like a mermaid AND a fairy.
Mermaid getup.
She may have been the smallest mermaid,
but she had some big fun.
Observe the treasure hunt for mermaid jewelry. See Claudia?
Much like Easter egg hunts, this was right up her alley.
Moving on to the fairy part.
Here is where the fairies all went to sleep. That's Bop, smack dab in the middle.
Note, under normal circumstances, she fiercely refuses to nap on command.
This is not an issue when she is dressed in fairy garb.
I think this is what they call a breakthrough.
Claudia also had a hot date with Carsten, her little boyfriend.
They toured a cave together.
Halfway through the date, I noticed Claudia's skirt was tucked into her tights.
Halfway through the date, the children were kicked out of the cave for being too loud.
We went home and played, vowing to return to the cave another day.
Carsten mowed our lawn. Daddy Boy approved.
We returned to the cave with Daddy Boy.
If you find caves interesting, you'd like Budapest.
Hungary is covered with hills and mountains. They build all sorts of crazy stuff in caves here, e.g., a secret hospital used during WWII, a church, an underground network tunnels underneath downtown Budapest - which is now a giant antique store! The list could go on, but it won't.
The cave we toured is right by our house.
People go here to explore and also for asthma treatments!
The air and the temperature in the cave are apparently perfect for asthmatics.
Some people think caves are creepy.
I don't.
I think giant slugs are creepy. They can also be found all over Budapest.
We found tons of these gross dudes sliming their way around our yard.
As you can see, Bop isn't to crazy about the snails either.


  1. Love the pics! I have a few more cute ones of her from the party that I will send you. Thanks for coming!!

  2. That's an interesting party where they all dressed the same (in 2 diff outfits) and took naps. Budapest sounds fun! ;) I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of her skirt being up. Oh memories you'll be able to share with her when she gets older! Hahaha!

  3. Too cute! Claudia cracks me up!

  4. The fairy party was PRECIOUS!! And what cool things y'all get to do in Budapest. So fun!

  5. Hehe, love these pics! That birthday party looked too fun! I also enjoyed the pic of Claudia on her "date" with her skirt tucked into her tights...something her momma would do, lol!! Love ya and can't wait to Skype tonight!!

  6. Claudia's faces crack me up. She is just too cute!

  7. How cute of an idea to have a dress up birthday party! The first two pics are priceless! Let me know when you become an official splunker!


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